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Paving your way through the music industry when you’re independent is never easy, especially when there’s a shift happening between business models : artists used to sign on labels before, now they want to become entrepreneurs – for good reason. Not to mention the way we listen, buy and consume music is changing entirely, and artistic development strategies need to be adapted to these new consumer habits.

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How to properly release your music independently

Don’t get me wrong: there is no “ready-made”, “one size fits all” strategy that could work for all artists and all musical genres. However, there are tools that are used by all artists & music pros in the industry, and some general advice that can & may apply to many, many artists on the independent side of the industry.

Music professionals know these tools & good practices well, because they work alongside artists all day, have been through the “trial & error” process multiple times and have mastered the art of releasing music. Emerging artists, on the other hand, will struggle finding information about these good practices, and that’s perfectly normal.

To quote again one of my favorite sentences: my job is to make your life easier. That’s why I wrote this guide! It’s both to help you release your music like a pro & also handle the struggles that may come with it more serenely.

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Who is this guide for?

Whether you are an artist or a manager who’s developing an emerging artist’s career, this guide was written for you! I’ve designed this guide based on the advice I give the most to the artists around me and with whom I have given consulting sessions.

These are good practices that I’ve learnt both during my studies and as a communication & project manager, a sync assistant and even music journalist – professional experiences I carried out alongside independent artists and professionals of the music industry.

Of course, I don’t know everything there is to know about the music industry, and if there was a “highway to success” that would work for everyone, then you wouldn’t be reading these lines at the moment. That being said, the tips I’m sharing in the guide have helped many artists to better understand the navigate through the music industry, and thus better introduce themselves and their music to their audience and the pros they reach out to.

In this guide, you’ll find…

  • a step-by-step plan for you to plan out your music release calmly, from creating a moodboard to planning out your communication content.
  • some checklists for you not to forget anything when you’re about to write out your biography, your press release, your press kit and more
  • a thorough explanation for you to master Instagram
  • advice to plan out your release and reach out to pros when necessary – and introduce yourself correctly to them

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Need help planning out your releases ?

In this guide, I have added a six-month release planning template so that you can plan out your release strategy step by step. All of the steps that are detailed in the guide are outlined in the template…

… and you’ll get it for free when you buy the guide!

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And if you want to apply my advice as soon as possible…

The list of platforms that put artists in touch with music professionals

A free resource that’ll help you put into action some of the advice of the guide !

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The tools to have in order to promote your music release like a pro

If there is one resource that is to be paired with this guide, it’s this one. And it is available for free

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