Stellio is an emerging French rapper that I co-managed with three other people for six months. When we met him, we saw several areas for improvement, and we also needed to produce a music video for one of his upcoming singles.

This management project allowed him to generate several thousand views on his video clip, to expand his online community by 50%, and to get some press coverage. I have wrote his biography in French & helped the team with the definition of his artistic identity.

Artistic direction

Stellio was heading in a slightly different musical direction when we met him. By putting his first rap project aside – Dims – he also left behind him the classic codes of French rap in order to produce old school rap, close to what Oxmo Puccino does.

This change also asked for a new visual artistic direction. Being inspired by pop music in general, we followed Stellio’s desire in order to convey a more sunny, more smiling image of him, because that is what his music makes you feel like !

Music video

Directed by the indie French production company Shoty Films.

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