I have worked alongside Seleminga on her PR campaign for the release of her EP “Curvas Peligrosas” on March 26th.

Press articles

« A mystical yet tough work, with striking and alarming electro accents »
La Vague Parallèle

« Seleminga’s feminist poetry is not scared to put words on it »

« Curvas Peligrosas is a punchy piece of work, a magnificent compendium of raw emotions »
HomeCooking Share n°17

« All by herself, she crafts underground electronic music, using a clever mix of sound breaks and minimalism »
Musicaléoment Vôtre

+ radio plays on Radio Tempête, White Label Radio, shared on Écoute Meuf, Tsugi Radio, Culture Addict, radio mix on Ola Radio x PWomenFM, interview on hauméa magazine, HomeCooking Share, Arty Magazine…

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