As part of Mona San’s artistic development plan, I was first asked to write out his biography and to then support the team on the PR campaign surrounding the release of his EP “Brain Child”.


If sound design was a musical genre in itself then Mona San would be one of its most notable ambassadors; making house take on ethnic and ambient features, future bass takes on bigger heights and merges with the boundaries of trap. Largely inspired by the likes of Flume, Sophie, Arca or Mura Masa, Mona San is a music craftsman bordering on perfectionist.

Mona San is part of the younger generations that has been immersed in electronic music from an early age. Lulled by the technical sampling prowess of Daft Punk and C2C, he first composes alone, without the help of tutorials, to give way to his imagination, which eventually made him develop a desire to study sound engineering. Raw, primitive, not to say primary, his music is the result of a compositional process that put emotions first, as well as ethnic influences originating from African or Asian cultures stemming from a profound interest. “I try to transcribe instinctively in my sounds what the images evoke to me” as he says so well himself. And as in any environment, nothing is really smooth, the sounds clash at one point, and coincide another: samples, rap, granular textures, everything is found and mixed; an unexpected symbiosis for the listener of his tracks.

(translated by Elliot Boi)

Press articles

Composing is his way of transcribing what he sees through his eyes when her looks at the world around him”
– premiere of “Hi Everyone” on LOFI

“Behind this nickname hides a solo project that is both made of a studio-form of witchcraft with ultra-sophisticated electronic technique, and the esthete will raise the crowds with his beats.”
– interview & article on HomeCooking Share

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