My name is Cloé, and I’m the founder of the artistic services agency called Proxima Centauri.

It’s a name that may ring a bell to you ; Proxima Centauri is the closest star to our solar system. Small yet bright, it was discovered late in the history of astronomy – the same can be said for an artist that is sometimes only spotted after months if not years !

My goal is to help you get the visibility you deserve as an independent artist. How ? Thanks to a personalized approach that includes help with copywriting, press relations, communication support & more.

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Being multi-skilled is probably the most sought-after trait of both artistic and consulting activities. This is why I choose to offer a transversal approach that involves a personalized strategic development plan that we work on together and that I help you put into action. Therefore, whether you need specific support or a more thorough development plan, I adapt my offers to you so that your music get to the ears of the audience you’re trying to reach !

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If you are already comfortable with taking care of your own PR campaign but you find it difficult to talk about yourself & put words on your music and your vision, this is where I can come in handy. A well-written biography and/or a press release will greatly help you be seen as a professional artist towards the media you are targeting.

And since is it not an easy task to talk about yourself, it is often necessary to ask someone to write it for you. I can write your biography and / or your press release, and even translate it in French if ever needed.

Press relations

Ah, PR, a time-consuming task that scares many artists away because of its many aspects. And I’ll admit, it’s hard to navigate among the plethora of media, online radios, YouTube channels and print magazines that exist within the media industry !

However, it’s one of my (many) jobs. I support several French electronic and alternative music artists on their PR campaigns towards web media and web radio stations, whether they release a single, an EP or an album. If you’re looking for coverage in French media, then let’s get in touch !

Communication consulting

Let’s be clear : today, releasing music is no longer enough to reach millions of people. In the age of social media and in a world where self-image is put to the forefront, listeners can get access to a lot of information online about their favorite artists… and that is why they follow them too. On my side, I advocate for authenticity, and being authentic starts with presenting yourself to your audience in a way that makes your message & music vision shine.

Thanks to a cross media expertise, I help you define your artistic identity, your “brand image” as an artist and to adapt your speech, your presentation to your various audience segments.


Want to learn even more ? Then you’re gonna need the reports I write out for my digital magazine : hauméa !
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Agnès Aokky

"Thank you Cloé for your precise and enlightened support on my crowdfunding campaign on Ulule ! You have indeed guided me on the strategy & various steps to put into action (Instagram stories, articles, how to highlight the crowdfunding campaign's retributions), a big helping hand which allowed me to reach my goal. And thank you for being there for me every time I have questions !"

  • relations presse Thema gum club nuits EP


"Working with Cloé has always been very natural and easy, she is enthusiastic about all projects and has an enlightened vision of the music industry and its challenges ! It is really pleasant to move forward with a person who is always motivated and who has lots of resources to share."

  • Irène Drésel biographie Kinky Dogma Hyper Crystal

Irène Drésel

"Cloé is an excellent writer, she's quick, innovative, diligent, very conscientious in her work. I'd recommend her without hesitating."