For the release of his single “NWAR”, Hailé Dasta – a renowned musician that has worked alongside many live formations like those of Matt Pokora or even of Maître Gims – contacted me to write his biography, in French & in English.


Haïlé Dasta is not only a multi-talented artist but a self-taught virtuoso. Born in a family of musicians, his father being a bass player and his mom a singer, he on the other hand decided to start learning how to play guitar at 12, while watching eyes wide open, mesmerized, at the musical mastery of the legendary Jimi Hendrix. Having developed his music skills and ear thanks to practice, he taught himself the piano ; two musical instruments that became work companions for life.

Now being a master of those instruments, Haïlé Dasta starts playing alongside other musicians in bands and live formations, before performing on his own. He learnt this way how to arrange and perfect his live show in such a way that his performance had multiple layers and dimensions, giving to the public the impression of an entire band playing ; a talent well recognized by his peers.

These multiple talents made Haïlé Dasta popular, show after show, up to the point that he was asked to accompany very famous French artists such as M. Pokora, Maître Gims, Zaho, Tal, Christophe Willem and most of the new French soul scene, counting amongst them Ben l’Oncle Soul.

By becoming such a key figure for a lot of artists, he was able to work, compose and write for some of them, and for himself. Prolific, Haïlé Dasta offers to his listeners a music that merges sensual R&B and chill, relaxed pop, anything we would only ever dream of listening to lying down on a cloud. From a genre that cannot be classified, singing both in French and English, Haïlé Dasta’s tracks are built around emotions, feelings, moments of life translated into music and poetry, submerging his auditor in a soothing daydream. Once committed to a cause, once a metaphoric dream, the lyrics of his songs only exist to highlight the emotions of the instruments involved in them, the very essence of his artistic project.

His latest single does fall under this definition. Written five years ago, this track is entrusted with a strong message, a message that gives both a response and a new echo to the current social climate and to the Black Lives Matter movement. By giving a personal and intimate approach to the situation of people of color / black people, in an ethereal and oddly light way for such dramatic statements, this track is being released with a delicate strength, an appreciable personality trait that Haïlé Dasta is known for !

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