Asking for help in order to build your artistic career will often be needed, since doing everything by yourself can be tiring & difficult.

Have you ever felt the need to hire a manager, but you weren’t sure if you were ready to give them some of your music income ?

Have you ever wanted to post more quality content on social media without knowing what to post ?

Or have you ever felt a little lost & in need of help to know where to go next ?

It’s when you’re asking yourself these questions that asking for help is important.

If you feel lost & you want to do things differently & more strategically, or if you just want to speed it up a little, I can help you !

During my hour-long consulting calls, we talk about your current situations and identify your most immediate artistic & business needs. Then, we think together of a strategy for you to better introduce yourself to your audience & the pros.

If you are interested, or even if you have doubts and/or questions about what I can do for you, send me an email. I already cannot wait to hear about your music project !

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| Who are the consulting calls for ?

Emerging artists who have launched their own label… or not !

Whether you have just launched your music project or you are starting to gain momentum on the independent music scene, you can contact me to discuss of your career development.

Disclaimer : The only thing I do not do because I am neither trained nor able to do so, is helping you with the technical aspect of your music. I am neither a musician nor a sound engineer, so I’m not able to help you with the mix or mastering of your work. On the other hand, when it comes to helping your with your artistic vision, marketing, promo matters and strategy in general, I am here for you !

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Artists & labels who have more specific needs

I also work with artists & labels who need to have their biography written, who need press releases, and who are looking for press coverage in France – I am specialized in electronic music (Electronica, House, Techno …) and I only am in touch with online media (webzines, online radios… all but playlist curators since it is a completely different job in France)

To learn more about the services I can provide, click on the link below.

Artist services