It’s hard to be both an artist and an entrepreneur at the same time and to do everything by yourself… that’s completely normal, and that doesn’t make you a bad artist ! It is difficult to manage all that there is to do ; making music is your main job, but by being helped in the process of communicating to your audience & to the music professionals, any tasks that you found difficult to complete or complicated to understand can suddenly become entirely manageable.

How I work with artists

When I work with an artist, I determine with them a personalized strategic action plan. I then supervise them when they put it into action in order to make sure they communicate their artistic vision and reach their audience. I use cross-platform techniques which can include communication, marketing, press relations and copywriting work, leading to a global strategy that goes way beyond straightforward social media strategies.

In short, I help you get the visibility you deserve.

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In the meantime, I’ll let you take a look at the services I provide.

| Copywriting

My copywriting services can include both writing out your biography (which I can write in English and French) as well as the writing & editing the layout of your press release and/or press kit.

I do not limit myself to specific music genres when it comes to writing biographies, so do not hesitate to reach out !

| Press relations (with French media)

I have developed throughout the years connections with a wide network of web journalists in France, mostly with those who write about electronic & alternative pop music. Therefore, when I support artists on their PR campaigns, I take care of contacting the whole spectrum of digital press, which includes webzines, web editors of print magazines and online radios.

I mainly support independent electronic music artists, but I am able to support alternative music artists as well. So if you’re looking for coverage in France to expand your audience, let’s get in touch !

| Communication consulting

Communication : one of the core elements that will help you stand out & reach both your target audience and your targeted professional & artistic entourage. It is the main element that will help you spread your message and your brand image, and my role is to help you define, develop and show it to the world – I’ll never take control of your social networks or your various platforms (website, Spotify profile …), but I’ll give you the keys to understand how to manage them !

Still unsure of what you would possibly ask for ? Or, on the contrary, you have a very precise idea of the type of help you’d need ?

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