About me

Since my second year of studies, I have been working & experimenting in the music industry. I have now worked for several years alongside labels, publishing houses, production companies and even web magazines. Why ? To better learn how the music industry works and to better support & highlight those who are making the music industry thrive : artists.

Who, as an artist, did not struggle at the very beginning to understands what each music professional does when they work with artists ? Who did not struggle to know when and how to contact a label, a magazine or a manager you wanted to work with ?

Please note that I’ve been there too. Not as an artist, of course, but as an aspiring professional.

Throughout the years, my various jobs have led me to showcase my work as a freelance web music writer but also as a music PR agent and a music consultant ; for several months, not to say years, I have helped artists develop both their image and their communication strategies.

Since today, knowing how to introduce yourself to your audience is one of the (many) keys to success, I am here to help you reach it.

So, whether you need to communicate better to your audience, to better introduce yourself to music professionals, you know who to ask !